I rarely write reviews unless I got less than satisfactory services.  I had appointment scheduled quickly with this water heater company. They were quite amazing right from the time we called them and through to the end of the service. I am going to recommend them to anyone who needs water heater services.

Angel Simon 

I called 3 companies online and got three quotes on water heater unit not heating water. They were very high. Then when I called this company, I spoke with them and they told me to come within an hour. The technician who came was professional and polite and knew more than other plumbers I spoke with.  I recommend them highly.

Jonna Smith 

AMAZING customer services! Thank you so much for bottom of our heart for your services when our heater broke down! We will be contacting them again in times of any water heater needs.

Belinda Brown 

These guys are real professionals. They arrived on time, worked efficiently and hard, and my heater was running within no time at all. Not just do they have great service, they charge fair price too. Do yourself one favor and contact this company first for your water heater needs.

Marie White

These guys are the best in town.   We called them and one among the workers came and told us that our water heater required to be flushed as all types of gunk can collect in the tank. The tank was actually flushed out and it worked good as a new one and we got helpful hints in the bargain!

Greg Hills

Great company!! I contacted them at 10 am and they said that they could come at my home by 11.30 am. They also quoted me a cost over phone for replacement of our water heater and final invoice was just exact that. That is rare in this Surprise. Strongly recommend them!!!

Mia Siddhique

HIRE THESE GUYS!!!!! After several calls to other water heater companies, I can say WOW only! Great customer services, a lot of knowledge and most reasonable prices. After diagnosing my issue over the phone, the tech was on time, extremely professional and courteous. Terrific company and worth waiting if you are in requirement of a water heater service.

Judy Jadeja 

This company gave fast, fairly priced service.  One morning we woke up to broken and flooding water heater unit.  I called them about 8 am.   The brand new water heater was quickly installed, strapped, the older one taken away by 10 am. The installers also were extremely professional. Highly recommend them!

Rich Roberts 

These are the people to call whenever your water heater begins to leak out and you’re in panic about whatever to do. They offer exactly what you need desperately, a solution to problem at reasonable costs, immediately. If you ever need reliable service, call them.

Racheal Levis 

I found this company online and I was highly pleased. My heater was leaking out gas so it really was cost effective to get it replaced. These guys were very quick and were capable to come at my home the next morning after we called. They were professional and completed replacement within just an hour

Ryan Unis